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Increase Accuracy

RFID tracking of tagged inventory items is 99% accurate compared to barcode or personnel counting or recording assets. Inventory errors are costly in both money and lost time.

Instant Location Information

RFID enables real time tracking of assets. It is as simple as that. With various hardware and software configuration knowing where things are is a click away, not dozens of phone calls and wasted time looking for something in the wrong place.

Fast & Affordable

RFID inventory tracking takes a fraction of the time as manual processes. Your company already budgets valuable employee time to take inventory of assets. If the time it takes can be cut in half or more there are real savings to apply to the cost of an RFID system.

Modern Cloud Based Software

IDS has developed a cloud based platform to meet the unique needs of its clients across several key markets: retail, industrial, commercial, healthcare, transportation, and government. Our solutions include best business practices, turnkey deployments, with far less risk and less cost. Our software is based on the most current technology stack available.t

Advanced Web Based Software

Most organizations choose our modern and advanced web based software to manage the asset tracking. We can deploy an image for local hosting requirements or private security networks per any requirement, or take the work out of it for you and host you from the cloud.

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Quality Hardware

IDS deploys only reliable hardware solutions from the world’s leading providers. In addition IDS manufactures its own RFID portals with components sourced from these companies. From low cost Smartphone RFID readers to full handheld RFID computers all IDS hardware come with an unconditional guarantees.

Full Service Installation

IDS utilizes its own staff and a network of certified installers and service providers. Quality execution with attention to the smallest detail assure the RFID solution will perform at its peak performance throughout its useful life.

Access from Any Smartphone or Web Enabled Device

Review your data from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. And, we can even release a private app on your smartphone with an RFID reader to allow you view reports and locate your RFID tags.

Summary of Features

Modern Asset Tracking

Difficulty Made Easy

Effective grow management can be difficult and involves many different components, and our integrated platform provides everything you need to get started and support your tracking now and into the future.

Advanced Reporting & Metrics

Our platform allows for varied permission levels to allow users the ability to access data, reports, and analytics to make quick, intelligent, and accurate business decisions.


Browser Based

Browser based software allows you to use any desktop or mobile device.

Flexible Deployment Options

We know you need flexible delivery options which is why we provide remote and on-site deployment options for companies of all sizes.

Modern Architecture

We use the latest database and browser technologies to provide feature rich and responsive applications that work on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Standard Integrations

Standardized integration endpoints allow you to push or consume data using familiar technogies such as: HTTP, REST, SQL, CSV, Excel, JSON, and XML

Scanning & RFID Hardware

Broad Compatibility

We develop our own hardware and integrate with every major scanning and RFID vendor.

Wide Range of Technologies

Many asset tracking use cases are different. We are famililar with all major scanning and sensing technologies so you get the perfect technolgy for you're specific application.

Asset & RFID Tags

Range of Form Factors

Asset and RFID tagging is the most difficult part of any asset tracking application. We currently track a wide range of assets including plants, chemical containers, retail merchandise, and vehicles. We can help you find the best tags for your project.

Printing and Encoding

We handle all the printing, encoding, and quality checks that guarantee you never have a duplicate or poor reading tag.

Expertise and Support


Our team has been developing and deploying RFID technologies for over 25 years with some of the largest companies in the world.

Hands On Support

Outstanding support from our team of experienced and knowledgable experts. No call center to navigate, just quick and responsive support.

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